What is a Coil In E-Ciagrettes?

 What is a Coil In E-Ciagrettes?

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, the coil is one of the most crucial elements. It heats up your oil or e-juice of choice and produces a vapor that perfectly replicates cigarette smoke.

The lifespan of a คอยล์ depends on several factors, such as the type of e-liquid you use and your usage habits.


Coils are the heating element of your vape device that turns e-liquid into vapor. They consist of three parts: wire, wicking material, and casing.

Wicking material draws in e-liquid and feeds it to the coil’s heating element, creating vapor you can inhale for effective flavor production.

However, it’s essential to remember that the type of e-liquid you use plays a significant role in how well your coil performs. Thicker liquids require less power to convert into vapor, while thinner eliquids require more.

Coils come in a range of types to suit different preferences and styles of vaping. Mesh coils are a popular choice, featuring multiple holes on the wire that create more surface area for heating your wick material.

Winding Wire

A coil is the metal wire wrapped around wicking material in a vape pen to heat and vaporize e-juice. It connects the +ve side of your battery to the -ve side of the wick, so when you turn on your device, it draws power to warm up the wire and release ejuice from inside the vape tank.

Coils can be wound manually or automatically. The winding technique used determines the characteristics of the coil, with some methods being more efficient than others.


Coils are an integral component of any vape pen, heating up your e-liquid or oil and producing delicious vapor. Unfortunately, they’re not as durable as other components in the device and may burn out if not taken care of properly.

Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to extend the life of your coils and avoid having them replaced too often. These include taking good care of them and cleaning equipment regularly. Doing these things will not only increase their lifespan but save you money in the long run!


When selecting a vaping device, there are various coil types to choose from. Nowadays, the most popular choice is a sub-ohm (low resistance) coil.

These coils offer lower resistance than standard coils and are intended to produce large amounts of vapor. Their lower resistance means they can accept more power, heating more e-liquid faster – perfect for creating huge clouds!

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