The Top Locations To Find Out Cherry Blossoms In Japan

 The Top Locations To Find Out Cherry Blossoms In Japan

Tourists rush to Japan for some reasons. Some people want to take in the cherry blossoms, rice fields, futuristic cities, and antiquated practices of a rich culture; however, for some, Japan symbolizes adventure. They don’t just sit back and watch; instead, they dive right into the rugged landscapes, hiking high peaks, skiing through fresh powder snow, and riding rubber rafts down waterfalls. Foreigners are still learning about Japan’s secrets, but they are gradually realizing that the land of the rising sun has something for everyone.

When you visit Japan in the spring, the cherry blossoms will take your breath away. However, we asked Carol Enomoto, a tour manager at Aloha World, a leading provider of escorted tours to Japan, to name her three favorite places to view “cherry blossoms”. Her choices are held by many, including visitors and Japanese residents, despite being subjective. The best places to look for Cherry blossom tours Japan:

  • Miyazaki-ken, which is off the usual tourist route for foreigners, has a lot to offer, and during the hot summer months, the cool breezes and deep blue seas are especially appealing. Additionally, some of Japan’s best surfing can be found along Miyazaki’s coastline, giving adventurous travelers yet another reason to board a plane. In Japan, spring brings cherry blossoms, greenery, and crisp air. The national flower of Japan, also known as “Sakura,” is revered throughout the country. To honor and celebrate the beauty of the cherry blossom, numerous festivals are held. The cherry blossoms begin to bloom in late March on the southern island of Kyushu before moving north to Hokkaido in early May.
  • The cherry blossoms at night at Takada Park in Joetsu, Niigata prefecture, are well-known. Over 3000 lanterns dangling from 4000 cherry trees illuminate Takada Castle, which is located on the grounds. All of this makes the park brighter and gives park visitors a festive vibe. The lanterns and Takada Castle’s light are reflected in the moat surrounding the castle, creating a mystical atmosphere. It is easy to see during the day because visitors can walk down Sakura Road, a narrow path with cherry blossom trees on both sides.
  • One of Japan’s three most well-known castles is Himeji Castle in Hyogo prefecture. Additionally, cherry blossom watchers adore it. It is important to remember that sakura festivals abound in Japan, and Himeji Castle is no exception. It is the location of the Himeji Castle cherry blossom viewing fair, which also features live music. It is known as a very popular viewing location in Japan due to the presence of over 1000 sakura trees on the grounds.
  • In Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture, Hirosaki Park was constructed on the grounds of Hirosaki Castle. It is touted by a number of travel journalists as the best location in the Tohoku region to view cherry blossoms because it has over 2600 trees. The castle’s white walls and pine trees contrast with the cherry blossoms. During this time, which typically falls between the end of April and the beginning of May and coincides with Japan’s Golden Week, more than a million people visit Hirosaki Park annually.
  • In Japan, seeing cherry blossoms is more than just admiring their beauty; many also enjoy the company of loved ones. Because “sakura” is considered to be the national flower of Japan, festivals can be found all over the country. Sake, good food, family, and the beauty of spring are all things to savor at this time. You will also be in awe of the Cherry Blossoms when you return to Japan.

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