Arrival at Company D, 40th Signal Battalion, Qui Nhon, RVN

 Arrival at Company D, 40th Signal Battalion, Qui Nhon, RVN

Upon our evening arrival I had been selected up coupled with other replacements inside the Qui Nhon airport terminal terminal terminal gone following the business area. I used to be proven our temporary bunks and stowed our gear. Mike Massey, Bob Carpenter, i visited the EM club to get something to consume. The location had absolutely nothing to eat along with the chow hall was closed. For the billets as well as for some necessary rest. Clearly we’d no bug nets.

Each morning we in-processed the company and were assigned permanent bunks by using this platoons. I used to be pole line construction and each morning I labored the pole line for just about any day. Before returning to operate the road after noon chow Mike Massey i maintained when it comes to orderly room to discover the operations sergeant. He offered us cable splicing school in Extended Binh. We wasn’t in Qui Nhon for any couple of days which would be to Extended Binh for any couple of times of in country cable splicing school.The Next Page: Stories told by our military veterans | Pittsburgh  Post-Gazette

Nothing eventful happened. A Couple of A Few Things I remember was you’d to obtain an E-6 or greater to make use of the ice machine within the mess hall. Basically you’ll find ice tea for with no ice. It absolutely was among my first indicators within the poor leadership that people would experience within the coming a few days during this outfit… This ice problem was later remedied while using inspector general plus a handful of disgruntled troops. I in addition remember searching to acquire a bug internet. Our platoon sergeant allows us to know to visit the availability room along with the supply room doesn’t have nets. I used to be told to get one-time someone rotating home. Of my 33 a few days in Vietnam Irrrve never received a internet from supply. I do not ever remember receiving other things from company supply. Anyway it’s away and off and away to Extended Binh.

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