Top 10 Sexiest Men In the World

Top 10 Sexiest Men In the World

One of our loyal readers brought this to our attention today. She is a huge Christian Kane fan, and as of this post, Christian is ranked number 61 on the complete list.

We took a quick glance at the top 200 on the list, and Christian is the only country singer on the list. If you feel someone else should also be recognized (Luke, Keith, Dierks, Jake, Tim, Kenny, etc.), feel free to add them to the list. And, if you’re a Christian Kane fan, head on over to cast your vote.

Vote at the link below.

  • Kay Lohman

    Christian Kane should have been way up further on that list than 61!!! I think he should have started out at number 5….just to give us Kaniacs a chance to vote for him!!! We would get him to the top in no time. We are working on it!!!!

  • Beth Kredel

    OMG, the man’s a walking sex oozing machine! The sexiest voice and, well, just everything! People really need to check out his work and you’ll see what I mean! Very humble and approachable; loves his fans and never fails to tell them.!