Video: Watch As Alan Jackson Pays Tribute To George Jones In Concert

Video:  Watch As Alan Jackson Pays Tribute To George Jones In Concert

If this doesn’t give you chill bumps, nothing will.

Watch as Alan Jackson pays tribute to George Jones during his concert in Birmingham this past weekend. Alan performed Jones’ classic hit He Stopped Loving Her Today.

You can tell it was hard for Alan to get through the song, but he ends it perfectly with the following statement:  “That’s for my friend George Jones, the greatest country music singer of all-time.  We love you George!  Tell Jesus we said, “Hey”…

  • Tina Price

    thank you Alan ! :)

  • Kellie Verner

    Thyanks a million Alan!!!
    I’ll never stop loving you ever!!!!!!!



  • Lynn Rose

    thankyou alan for a great tribute to a great man you did him justice!!!

  • debbybrooks

    that is so good & you sound just like him ,thankyou alan

  • Sheila

    Absolutely PERFECT! You held it together Alan (my KING of Country) I wasn’t so lucky….REST IN PEACE – George, the Possum!

  • Marie Kinsey

    Thank you Alan…you did George proud. You are up there with him as far as being one of the greatest country music singers! Love you and your music too! RIP George Jones…you will be greatly missed. Tell Jesus I said HEY too!

  • Nancy Walker

    You were amazing! You sounded just like George Jones, Thank you Alan !!! “I will never stop loving you ever”!!!!!

  • Ron Columbine

    Alan that was absolutely beautiful and now that George is gone I think you are the greatest living country singer of all times. Keep up the great singing you do. Thank you.

  • Donna Mcfadden

    This was beautiful!! No one will ever fill George Jones’ shoes, but, in my book, you come pretty damn close!! You are a true country legend as far as I’m concerned!!

  • gennie hughes

    Beautifully done~~~ he was a legend…. thank you

  • Carla

    What a beautiful way to pay tribute to a legend. Thank You.

  • Sharon

    Absolutely Beautiful & Heartwrenching! Thank You Alan Jackson, one of the best!

  • Connie

    Hey Alan,
    You are right there along George Jones as being one of the great singers of country music. You did the song justice and George would of been proud. RIP George Jones you will be missed. Love your music Alan Jackson! One of the all time greats right along with George Strait. Take care and God Bless!!!

  • Sue

    Beautifully done Alan. You filled those shoe’s well. Thank you

  • Ruth

    I have chills, just perfect. I don’t think anyone could have done it better. What a beautiful tribute..You are a class act..

  • Julie Powell

    You are my favorite country singer Alan Jackson, and that was beautiful, and George would have been honor.
    Rest in peace George Jones.

  • Beth Knighton

    While listing to Alan, I would close my eyes and imagine that it was George. May he rest in peace.
    Alan provided a wonderful tribute to him with much love and a beautiful voice.

  • Bob Dotson


  • Lucy Gonzalez

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alan was feeling the music… Makes for a great singer…. Rest In Peace George!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    This was at Chastain Park in Atlanta on April 26th I was at this concert and it was AWESOME!! Wonderful tribute to Geogre Jones.

  • iris ereese, ,

    wonder ful no one could done it better than alan, like George was sing through him I use to cry with the sog years back whrn George sung it now I really cry thank you allan

  • Deb Morrow

    Thank you Alan Jackson you done him Justice. And you areright he was and still is one ofthe greatest country singers! Rest in peace George

  • lisa bomgardner

    thanks alan Jackson you done good can’t wait to see you in val ga at wild adventures

  • Paul A

    That was lovely Alan. Top Tribute.

  • Evelyn

    Alan you did sound a lot like George and I am so glad you were friends with the best county singer of all time but you’re next in line thank you

  • Greg

    I really liked that. You sound just like George. Keep up the good work.

  • lea chiasson

    c était magnifique sa ma fait pleurer tellement c était bien chanter merci ala jackson

  • lea chiasson

    magnifique merveilleux tres doux tres bien chanter bravo alan jackson

  • Fay Ray

    Doug played tonight at the Village of Deaton Creek in Houston, Ga.

  • Nola Patterson Green

    love it.. RIP George.. You will never be replaced.. huge AJ fan, did a good job.. Happy New Year to you all !!

  • Karen

    Beautiful song done so well by Alan, one of the greatest country stars ever.